About Project Conserve: Focus Areas

Outreach and Education

The environmental and community problems affecting WNC are widespread and touch everyone, so it is vital that our outreach and education efforts include the many diverse populations in the area, such as college students, families with children, low-income residents,landowners, farmers, and seniors.

Each educational intervention is designed to reach out to the people most affected by the issues. Through these educational activities, individuals gain awareness of local ecosystems and acquire the knowledge, values, skills, and experiences to be part of the solution to environmental problems affecting their communities.

Members design, coordinate, and implement educational activities for youth and adults to increase awareness/appreciation of the natural environment and encourage individual behavior change and environmentally-conscious practices. Educational interventions include the following service activities.

  • Educate youth through interactive in-classroom and field-based presentations on natural resources and water quality
  • Educate adults in our target communities through educational hikes, events, and outings aimed at increasing appreciation and understanding of the natural environment
  • Support educational activities by developing outreach materials, such as newsletters, articles, website updates, and blogs
  • Coordinate technical training workshops on topics related to conservation, local foods, and energy efficiency to provide participants with skills to engage in environmentally-conscious practices and improve at-risk ecosystems
  •  Work one-on-one with community residents, homeowners, and landowners to provide more in-depth training and support