Molly Moore

When I first read the service description for the AmeriCorps Project Conserve Communications Outreach Associate position with Appalachian Voices, it sounded too good to be true. As a young journalism graduate who was passionate about nonprofit media and eager to explore environmental issues, I was thrilled to discover a position that used journalism as a way to educate the public about these vital, often under-reported topics.

At Appalachian Voices, one of my primary responsibilities was writing for The Appalachian Voice newspaper, which the organization publishes every other month and distributes throughout Central and Southern Appalachia. My first article was about a new, volunteer-built trail at nearby Elk Knob State Park, and throughout the year I researched subjects such as fragile, high-elevation spruce-fir forests and a partnership between Cherokee artisans and land trusts to help preserve rivercane, a key ecological and cultural resource. Throughout my service, my supportive supervisor and colleagues encouraged me tackle challenging projects and expand my skills. I also learned a great deal from my AmeriCorps cohort, who shared their love for the Blue Ridge and knowledge of the region’s fascinating plant and animal communities. In fact, I enjoyed my first service year so much that I signed up to be a 2012-2013 Project Conserve member as well!

After AmeriCorps, I was fortunate to be able to continue my work with Appalachian Voices. Today I write, edit and manage daily operations for The Appalachian Voice publication. I also have the honor of serving as a host site supervisor for Project Conserve, where I can do my bit to support the program that gave me such a valuable opportunity.