“What did the carrot say to the wheat?”

By Jen Adams on May 1, 2017.

On Tuesday, April 25th, AmeriCorps Project Conserve members celebrated National Volunteer Week by volunteering with Bounty and Soul at Dr. John Wilson Community Garden and at their St. James Market in Black Mountain.

When we all got to the garden, we were not sure what the day would bee like. There was not mushroom for all of us at the garden, so half the group left to go to St. James Market. We are all close fronds, but divide and conquer seemed to be the best method for the day. At Dr. John Wilson Community Garden, our fearless garden leader, Diana McCall, lettuce know what weed be doing for the day; she even made a to-do list:

  • Take down all hoop tunnels
  • Dig new compost
  • Weed eat around compost
  • Invasive removal on slope and behind compost bins
  • Remove trellises & solarize site
  • Pull weeds from blue barrels
  • Plant potatoes
  • Weed and mulch around perennials on slope
  • Sift compost

Diana did not think there would be thyme to finish the list, but luckily she had a hard-working group of AmeriCorps members to do the work. We finished all of the tasks by the end of the day and circled up to reflect while we waited for the other group to turnip.

Meanwhile, our buds over at St. James Market were sorting produce that came in from local gardens around the area to give out to over 60 households in the community. Later on, members got to spruce up their days a bit by helping plant 50 pounds of seed potatoes, onions, and other vegetables!

Overall, it was a berry successful day that helped AmeriCorps Project Conserve members grow as professionals and as people.
I think chive exhausted my supply of corny puns, so peas enjoy this punchline to the title of this article, which is how we all felt after a day of hard work:

“Lettuce rest, I’m feeling beet"